The Difference Between Sensual And Tantra

When exercising Tantra, the beginning is just as important as the end; the finale involving a multi-layered climax. ‘That’s odd,’ you think. ‘Why is Tantra often confused with a sensual massage London if the principles and desired outcome are completely different?’ The answer is that both are arousing massages and by default, they have become synonymous with the other, as well as any other massage that increases erotic awareness. However, a sensual massage does not follow a unique and highly methodical procedure.

The aim of a sensual massage is to touch in an intimate manner and then offer quick hand relief. Although this will make the client feel relaxed, the sensation will only reach a superficial level. In fact, some consider such a mechanical approach to massage as a waste of energy. It does not exercise any form of patience and neither does it leave the client with a lasting sense of fulfilment. A tantric massage, on the other hand, will focus on all of the body’s most erogenous zones, applying soft pressure whilst combining an energetic exchange from the tantric masseuse to you.

A tantric massage requires skill, patience and a whole lot more...

A highly skilled tantric masseuse, such as the individuals here at Pamper Tantric, will be able to take her client on a journey in which he experiences peaks of exhilaration and troughs of relaxation. Unlike a sensual massage which only requires basic hand movements, a tantric masseuse’s hands will stay on the body at all times, moving continuously and fluidly. Her experienced touch will improve blood circulation, elevate your mind to a higher conscious level and increase the flow of your life energy. This type of massage will enable you to slow down and be in the moment.

Tantric massages incorporate methods used in Swedish and holistic massage but these techniques are preceded by rhythmic breathing in order to fully relax the individual. A push-pull approach to stimulation and attention to arousal points in the body will guide the client into a state of alert equilibrium and euphoria will, inevitably, ensue.

Tantric massages are amazing at what they do and this is due to the fact that it takes a great deal of time and sheer dedication in training before a masseuse can claim to understand Tantra. The girls we have here have trained for a minimum of one year before she can emulate the correct qualitative touch. A comprehensive tantric escort can raise the client from a state of Beta to Alpha; that is, a level of alert equilibrium to that of a detached awareness. And latterly - if the tantric massage is exceptional - a REM dream state, otherwise known at Theta.  Developing a sense of intuition, governed by the hands, is not as easy as it sounds. The tantric therapist will not rush her service; transcendental restoration is not something that can be done in fifteen minutes. Through peaceful movements and traditional methods, a tantric massage can help elevate you and release anxiety built up in the body.

Why is rhythmic breathing so important during a tantric massage?

Breathing slowly and continuously allows the client to transcend into a meditative state, thus relaxing all the muscle groups and connective tissues. Letting go of our psychological tensions is instrumental to relieving our bodily vexations.

A tantric massage will combine the metaphysical concepts of Tantra philosophy and the physical touch of Swedish massage. A Swedish massage will not include breathing techniques that increase the amount of oxygen carried to our cells and tissues. Deep, steady breathing also stimulates the nervous system so that every touch from the tantric massage has a pronounced effect. The heightened sensitivity that the client feels during the massage will carry on throughout the day, hours after the tantric massage has been completed.

Tantra requires an instinctively intuitive masseuse who is also trained in the correct hand movements and effleurage techniques. Tantra-listing experiences come from those who take the practice and core principles seriously. Through sacred touch, you will feel ‘in the moment’, you will feel a rush of intense endorphins throughout the day and you will sleep deeply that night. We encourage you to book a tantric massage for the ultimate nightcap.

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