Christmas Gift Ideas

The holidays are almost here and while there are plenty of people out there that are diligent about their holiday shopping for the rest of us there are these fabulous, last minute gift guides for those that we love!

Let’s face it, going out shopping at this stage in the game sounds like a bloody nightmare instead here are things that you can get online that might be a lot more personal than an ugly Christmas sweater.

  • A relaxing day at a spa. You don’t have to go most places nowadays to get yourself a relaxing day there, you just have to visit their website and find the perfect day for you and your partner or even for just your friend alone! It’s truly an amazing gift for people who are stressed out and in need of some pampering. A few ideas:

  • A day at the opera. Surprisingly not a lot of people know that there are quite a few opera shows here in London to enjoy. Getting your friends tickets (there are annual around passes!) will be a thoughtful gift and you get the opportunity to look smart.

  • A tantric massage in London for two… or just one. This is for those special people in our lives who we don’t mind being a little cheeky with. Whether it is a mate or a girlfriend getting someone a night of sensual good tie is truly an experience they won’t soon forget. This is a full body massage that truly makes you feel like your body is a wonderland and it’s going to be explored from tip to tip… You might even the night on a happy tone.

  • Surprise Amazon delivery! Maybe you have something in mind and you are just hoping to not leave the house to go get it? Well, luckily for you Amazon is your new best friend. With express delivery, you can get packages everywhere just in time. Website:

  • Your time. Sometimes people truly just want you to drop by and spend time with them. How about treating them to dinner or even promising to go with them to a show or shopping? Those are the moments' people truly remember.

Ideas For Your Partner

If you are anything like us you like to give memorable gifts… however, there may be those of you who've been with your partner long enough to the point your starting to struggle thinking up new ideas every year. Instead of defaulting to the typical socks or ties why not truly get your partner something they will remember for a very long time? Why not gift them a London tantric massage? Of course, this is not a gift for the weak of heart but it will be absolutely an amazing experience for both of you!

You could even be a part of the massage if you take some time to learn a bit about Tantra. If you want to have the experience be about the two of you getting massaged though there are plenty of couple’s massages to be had which will make your evenings a lot more interesting from now on. The point here is not just that you’re going to be spending sexy time together though (although that is a definite plus) but in our experience clients tell us about tantric weekends in which they were even able to get to know one another on a much deeper level.

Tantric massage London for couples actually serve the purpose of letting each other truly take the time to learn about each other. Sure, you will be learning how to have even more amazing sex than you already do but other than that you will be learning how to communicate better, how to read each other better and how to say what you want instead of waiting for the other person to infer it.

What seems like nothing more than a spa day is actually… something quite beautiful, quite sexy and truly a memorable gift for you and the person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with.

For those of you who've made it this far and are looking to treat someone to the most incredible tantric massage London has to offer, then feel free to give us a call on 07920062168. For more information about our general services back over to our homepage -

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